Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Radio Daze (Revisited) Volume 4 by Hambonian Entertainment

Here's my take on yet another Radio Daze mix from Dirk over at Hambonian Entertainment.

  • Fame - Irene Cara, Pop #4, Dance #1.  This one hasn't aged well, but it's so iconic I don't think that matters.  I loved the movie, soundtrack, TV show, etc.  This song won both the Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Original Song in 1980.
  • Hey There Lonely Girl - Robert John, Pop #31, AC #10.  I prefer the more soulful original, but the material is so strong it's hard to mess up.  John had hella falsetto, didn't he?
  • First Time Love - Livingston Taylor, Pop #38, AC #13.  Don't remember this one from 1980.  It's got a simple, country feel to it but nothing that grabs me.
  • Don't Ask Me Why- Billy Joel, Pop #19, AC #1.  A guitar song from the Piano Man and it works.  Great melody and background vocals.  By the time Glass Houses was released, I was a huge Joel fan and knew all the lyrics to this song within days of buying the album.
  • Late in the Evening - Paul Simon, Pop #6, AC#7, Dance #63.  Back-to-back tracks produced by Phil Ramone - I approve!  Great groove with sublime drum work by the incomparable Steve Gadd.  Then the horns kick in and take it all to another level.
  • Give Me the Night - George Benson, Pop #4, R&B #1, AC #26, Dance #2.  Written by Rod Temperton, performed by Benson, produced by Quincy Jones.  How this didn't hit #1 is beyond me.  Back in 1980 when I would record songs directly from radio, Give Me The Night was one that would get recorded every time I heard it.  This meant it might appear 4-5 times on a single cassette tape.
  • All Over the World - Electric Light Orchestra, Pop #13, AC #46. Dirk knows I can't resist music from Xanadu.  By naming five of the cities mentioned in the song, I won a KIOX radio contest.  I think I won a station t-shirt, which means I "won" the opportunity to provide the station with free advertising.
  • That Girl Could Sing - Jackson Browne, Pop #22.  Meh.  Not much of a Jackson Browne fan.
  • I'm Coming Out - Diana Ross, Pop #1, R&B #1, Dance #1. Now we're cookin'!  Ain't no song like a Chic song, no matter who is singing.  And to make it even better, we're treated to a wild trombone solo by Meco Monardo, the guy responsible for the disco versions of Star Wars music.
  • Dreaming - Cliff Richard, Pop #10, AC #21.  Written by Leo Sayer, there's something about the chorus of this song that will stick with me for days.  I enjoy it as much these days as I did back in '80.  Good stuff.
  • Deep Inside My Heart - Randy Meisner, Pop #22.  I have no memory of this one.  Mesiner, a former member of Poco and the Eagles, probably should have stuck with one of those groups.  Not much to this one; not even Kim Carnes can save it.
  • Hungry Heart - Bruce Springsteen, Pop #5.  It sounds like late '50s doo-wop music produced by late '60s Phil Spector and performed by a late '70s Springsteen.   Pure rock 'n' roll.  Not my favorite Springsteen tune, but a strong way to finish this mix.

The Benson, Richard, Simon, ELO, Ross, and Joel tracks are good enough to earn the seal:

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