Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pages - Interlude/It's Alright (1978)

It's Alright

Written by: "Interlude" written by Dave Grusin
"It's Alright" written by Richard Page, John Lang, Jerry Manfredi, & Steve George
Produced by: Bobby Colomby
Album: Pages (Epic, 1978)

I only recently discovered the wonderful pop music of Pages, first through their 1981 self-titled album, produced by Jay Graydon.  I came to this 1978 album (also self-titled) a few weeks ago and this pairing of tracks grabbed me from the first listen.  It's what I would call a "white boy attempt at gospel" and reminds me of something that might have been found on a Billy Joel album around the time (kinda like "Everybody's Has A Dream" from The Stranger, but better).

After a 30 second string introduction, the piano and vocal enter.  The verse has a beautiful melody over a simple, stepwise bass pattern, but the song really kicks in with the gorgeous chorus sung by a female voice.  Then, as if it wasn't good enough already, we're treated to a sweet saxophone solo from Michael Brecker, who keeps playing for the remainder of the track.

The lyrics simply depict a man pleading with his woman to stay and tell him everything is alright.  And she does.

I can't get this song out of my head.

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