Sunday, April 20, 2014

Disco hits of Nightlife Unlimited 1976-1985

During the years 1976-1985, a Canadian studio group named Nightlife Unlimited scored 3 hits on Billboard's Disco Chart.  Here's a breakdown table, including year, peak chart position, and number of weeks on the disco charts. The table is followed by a brief Spotify playlist to help you remember how many of these tunes you danced to. 

Nightlife Unlimited only placed on the disco chart; they never appeared on Billboard's pop or album charts. Like many disco studio groups, a group of producers and writers put together studio musicians to perform the songs.  This was not a touring ensemble, not that it matters - I just can't resist that beat, Latin percussion, hand claps, and silly lyrics.  The earlier stuff is better than the latter stuff; my favorite of these tracks is "Love is in You."

19791812Disco Choo Choo
19793316Love is in You/Dance, Freak and Boogie
19814215Just Be Yourself/Tell Me

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