Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Be True to Your School: Jr. High Memories from 1978-80

McAllister School - May 23, 2011

In August 1978, my parents moved the family from the desert of West Texas to the considerably more humid climes of the Texas Gulf Coast.  I was entering 7th grade and transferred to McAllister School.  After 2 years as a student, I moved on to terrorize the local high school, but in 1990, I returned to McAllister as a teacher.  I taught at McAllister from 1990-93 and again from 1997-2000.  All told, I spent 9 of the first 34 years of my life at McAllister.  Needless to say, I have many fond memories of that school.

In March 2011, the local school board voted to consolidate schools and, in a cost-cutting move, McAllister was slated to be closed.  I hastily planned a final trip to the school in May 2011 so that I could roam the halls one final time before the doors were locked.  I had kept in touch with many of my former colleagues at the school, so not only was I granted access, I had tour guides*.  It was great to see familiar faces and places, but understandably bittersweet.  Within two weeks of my visit, the school was closed.

To accompany me on my solo trip back, I created the following mix tape disc.  Without even considering my 7 years as a teacher at the school, I immediately chose songs from my years as a student at McAllister.  Many, many, many songs remind me of junior high school, but I have no memory of how these particular songs were selected for this mix.  In fact, I had almost forgotten about the CD-R until I happened upon it the other day.  However, whenever I hear these songs, I'm immediately transported back to the above school.  I'm sure you have songs that do the same for you.  Anyway, here's the tracklist:

Cruel to Be KindNick Lowe1979
ReminiscingLittle River Band1978
Whenever I Call You "Friend"Kenny Loggins1978
I Just Wanna StopGino Vannelli1978
Le FreakChic1978
Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'Journey1979
Chuck E.'s in LoveRickie Lee Jones1979
The Logical Song Supertramp1979
I Want You to Want MeCheap Trick1979
Sad EyesRobert John1979
Shine a Little LoveElectric Light Orchestra1979
Biggest Part of MeAmbrosia1980
One Step CloserThe Doobie Brothers1980
A Little More LoveOlivia Newton-John1978
Why MeStyx1980
I Want You TonightPablo Cruise1979
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Queen1980

That's a helluva mix if I say so myself.

*During my tour, one of my gracious guides told me that when she thinks of me and McAllister, she remembers a time when she walked into the teachers' lounge and I was (allegedly) standing on top of a table telling a joke. I have no recollection of this event, but that doesn't mean it never happened. 

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  1. Solid memory mix here. Curious how close it is to a mix you would have made back in 1980, if you had the time, the records and the inclination?

    A surprising amount of rock tracks, a token new wave and disco song each with a whole bunch of soft rock holding it all together. Could be a K-tel album!

    Gave it a run through my patent-pending K-tel Scale and it scored a solid 34.00, which would place it in the Top 5 of the twenty-two albums rated to date.