Tuesday, April 8, 2014

AC hits of George Fischoff 1976-1985


During the years 1976-1985, pianist/composer scored 10 minor hits on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart.  Here's a breakdown table, including year, peak chart position, and number of weeks on the AC charts. The table is followed by a very brief Spotify playlist to help you determine how many tunes you remember (they were all new to me).  (Note: titles marked with an asterisk are not currently available on Spotify.  A link to those songs on YouTube has been provided when available).

Fischoff is known for composing the 1960s pop music hits "98.6," performed by Keith and "Lazy Day," performed by Spanky and Our Gang. In 1970, Fischoff was the youngest composer on Broadway with the Tony-nominated musical "Georgy!".

19772417Piano Dancing*
19782811The Piano Picker*
19811913Little Ballerina Blue (w/The Luv Ensemble)*
19812610Foxy (w/The Luv Ensemble)*
19824210Pretty Kitty
1983317Carnival Island
19832314Summer Love/Piano Power
1984458Boogie Piano Man*
1984447Lovely Lady*
1985323Starry Night*


  1. Since this compilation is missing Fischoff's biggest hit, "Georgia Porcupine," I think you got hosed. :-)>

    1. Bonus Fischoff! A "classic AC hit" from 1974, just beyond the scope of this blog: Georgia Porcupine.