Monday, March 3, 2014

Martin Briley - I Feel Like a Milkshake (1981)

 I Feel Like a Milkshake
Martin Briley

Written by: Martin Briley
Produced by: Allan Blazek & Martin Briley
Album: Fear of the Unknown (Mercury, 1981)

While in high school, my buddy Jim loaned me the Fear of The Unknown album.  I took it home, gave it one listen and quickly (and mistakenly) dismissed it except for the third track, "I Feel Like a Milkshake."  I don't know if it was the silly suggestive lyrics, the vocal harmonies, or the melody that caught my attention, but I quickly dubbed the one song to a mix tape and subjected friends to it.  They didn't appreciate it as much as I did so forget them.

I hadn't thought of the song in many, many years but it had taken up residence in some part of my brain because as soon as I heard Daniel Day Lewis famously announce "I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE" at the end of the movie There Will Be Blood in 2007, this song immediately came to mind.  I still think it's a catchy thing, so now I'm subjecting you to it.

Curiously, former Monkee Peter Tork covered this song on his 1994 solo album, Stranger Things Have Happened.

And, if you must...

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  1. Good call. There is something about this song, isn't there? Feel like heading to Braum's after listening to the song twice. Will have to "settle" for a Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla milkshake courtesy of my Ninja mixer. Mmmmmmm.