Friday, January 10, 2014

Update: 82 of '82

A number of faithful readers have recently contacted me asking if I'm ever going to post that "82 of '82" list that I promised a month ago. Well, all I can say is that I'm working on it:

To be honest, I'm intentionally making the process more involved than it should be simply because I'm having a blast listening to all this good music. (Lately, there's an unusually high number of 1982 albums getting attention over at The CD Project.)  In the meantime, check out similar lists already posted:


  1. HEY!

    I used index cards, spread out covertly on the kitchen table (with drop-leaf expansion engaged) while my wife was at her thrice a week yoga class, to make my list as well. To maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the process, no photos were permitted and the entire mess was cleaned up at least five minutes before her classes were scheduled to end.

    In my book, it isn't a worthwhile project unless copious amounst of office supplies are involved.

    1. No worries about confidentiality and integrity here. You didn't think I'd take a picture while I had the cards in order, did you? ;-)

  2. Guys, I guess I am the hi-tech one of the group. I pulled the list of all 1982 albums I reviewed on my blog into an editor, took a first pass to weed out the list to get it down to a manageable level (first under 200, then under 150, until finally getting the top 100) and then started grouping into the tens (the 00's, the 10's, the 20's, etc.). From there, I started assigning numbers, hit the sort key on the editor and reassessed the list. Lather, rinse, repeat - about five or six more times - until I was comfortable with my order (for this moment in time).