Friday, April 3, 2015

Does this guy have all the #1 jazz albums from 1976-85?

Last April, I asked myself if I owned all the #1 albums from 1976-85 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.  The sorry answer surprised me and had a definite impact on my buying habits.  As I mentioned last week, in the past year I've compiled a list of all the albums to earn a spot on the Billboard Jazz LPs chart during the years 1976-85, so today I'm asking myself the same question: how many #1's do I own?  Unfortunately, the answer (again) is: not even close.  Check the results below; click the year to see the #1 jazz albums for that year.   If an album straddled the calendar year and was #1 in two consecutive years, it is included in both years' count.

Year#1 albumsOwn on LPOwn on CD

I hope your collection is looking better than mine.  Of the 60 number one albums during the decade, I am currently in possession of 30 (50%), mostly in the latter half of the decade.  Even if I include my 8-track tape of The Crusaders' Images, that only bumps me to 52% (I didn't include it because I currently have no 8-track player).  Looks like I need to treat myself to some time at the record stores this weekend.

Speaking of jazz from 1983, why don't you give Dr. Smooth's Flashback a listen while I go shopping:

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