Friday, August 29, 2014

Playlist of Billboard Hot 100 number one singles, 1976-85

From 1976-85, 204 singles topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  97% of them are currently available on Spotify.  For your holiday weekend amusement, here's a 13½ hour playlist of those 197 songs, presented in chronological order:

While I was throwing that playlist together, I noticed that it has more variety than I would have thought and, while there will be some tracks that you'll definitely want to skip, it ain't bad at all (particularly in the early half of the decade).  It also surprised me there are the songs that I never hear anymore, even on satellite radio: e.g., "Tragedy" by the BeeGees, "Coming Up" by Sir Paul, and "Islands in the Stream" by Kenny & Dolly.  Click on the year below to see a list of that year's number ones.  Some years are stronger than others, so I'll give each year's collection of number one songs a letter grade, just for kicks.

Year#1 SongsGrade

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  1. This playlist was road-tested this Labor Day weekend on an 880 mile round trip to Las Vegas. I cached the Spotify playlist to my iPhone early Friday morning and MRS. HERC and I were enjoying it on the road in no time. The list blasts off with "S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT!' by HERC favorite the Bay City Rollers and though tempted more than a few times, we never skipped a track as the songs played in the chronological order they hit the pinnacle of Pop. By the time we got out of The Blueberry late Friday afternoon/early Friday evening at our destination, the playlist was up to Christopher Cross's "Sailing" which was #1 for the week ending August 30, 1980 - almost exactly 34 years ago to the day. Spooky!

    When we once again climbed into The Blueberry for the drive home this morning after a fantastic four-day weekend, we finished "Sailing" before the good morning, one-two punch of "Upside Down" and "Another One Bites The Dust". When we finally pulled back up to the Hideaway this afternoon, Starship's "We Built This City" was playing. According to the playlist, there were but three songs left, the final three Number One hits of 1985. MRS. HERC aka The Birthday Girl absolutely loved the playlist, correctly predicting more than a few times which song would be up next and singing along to almost every song. As the driver, HERC will say that several songs (aka "the ballads") killed the adrenaline buzz of flying through the desert at Mach 1 but the joy and happiness the music brought to his co-pilot was well worth it.

    Kudos and thanks to Mark (the soft rock kid®) for taking the time to research and compile the playlist. When's the next one coming down the line?